The company “Agrokožar” d.o.o. Vranjska Banja specializes in collecting all kinds of raw hides, skins and all types of sheep wool and performs their primary processing: trimming, categorization, preservation, storage and resale to manufacturing plants in Europe, Asia and North America for further processing and acts as a leader in those fields in our region. Raw hides, skins and wool are treated in warehouses according to the European standard EN 16055:2012 and domestic SRPS (JUS) standards.

"Agrokožar“ has a long-term cooperation with domestic slaughter industry, farms and registered farmers throughout the country. The company's management consists of business people with extensive experience in business with the trading of raw hides, skins and wool and with business tradition since 1972 in this field. The company employs 20 employees adequately trained to accomplish their business tasks.

In addition to the staffing structure, the company owns warehouses that meet all technical, technological and storage requirements. Out of total 30,000 m 2 of Agrokozar’s industrial land in industrial zone of Vranjska Banja, warehouse facilities are spread over an area of 3000 m2. The warehouse is registered for the purpose of export of raw hides, skins and wool to the countries of European Union with the following Export Control Number: RS-40-005.

The company also has suitable equipment for its activities which consist of:

1. Transport means for transport of goods (trucks, vans).

2. Means for internal transport (forklifts , pallet jacks).

3. Hydraulic presses for pressing wool.

4. Special tables for processing and preparation of Hides and Skins .

5. Special tables for classification of wool.

6. Cold stores (cold storage).

7. Electronic stainless steel platform weighing scales .

The warehouse is located in the industrial zone next to the entrance to Vranjska Banja, at a distance of 300 meters from the Belgrade -Nis -Skopje -Thessaloniki motorway (Corridor 10). Due to its tradition, the company maintains permanent revenue growth, and constantly invests in modernization, capacity expansion and quality improvement.