In our warehouses is performed trimming, classification, preservation and categorization of all kinds of raw hides and skins according to European standard EN 16055:2012 and domestic SRPS (JUS) standards. Regarding all types of wool, table sorting is performed according to SRPS (JUS) standards as well as baling and adequate indoor storage in facilities specially designed for wool storage.

1. Raw wet salted bovine hides and calf skins are categorized according to type, weight range, sex and class 

    (weight classification is subject to change in accordance with the requirements of the customers).

2. Raw wet salted ovine and caprine skins are categorized according to type, their purpose, area size and class.

3. Raw wet salted porcine skins are categorized according to class.

4. Greasy wool and manually scoured wool is categorized according to color and fibre fineness expressed in microns.